the designer: A Washington state transplant, Lincoln Heller came to Canada as a photographer and studied at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. While working in an Alaskan logging camp to finance his education, Lincoln fashioned leather pouches from worn-out logger's boots. This was the seed for the unique design aesthetic to come, and the evolution of the innovative, fashion-forward brand.

the process: From start to finish everything is made in our Vancouver B.C. studio, we individually dye, cut, sew, and sign each piece. Our heirloom pieces are made to last, we mindfully source high-quality materials and make sure our designs take shape with minimal environmental impact.

the leather: Scratches, bumps, and scrapes come from adventure, they create patina and vibrant storylines. The vegetable tanned leather in a FIVELEFT bag records this timeline, and like the people who carry our products each FIVELEFT piece has many tales to tell. All the leather we use is tanned by soaking cowhides in plant extracts. This process uses very little toxic chemicals and allows the leather to be dyed and tooled.