The new fiveleft standard, a ‘get the job done’ workhorse. It's for boys, girls, young and old. This bag can look slick for a power meeting or take the spatter of grime from the back tire of your bike. The flagship bag of the 'fold-a-bag' series, Elleven is constructed using minimal stitching....instead the strap is woven through, 'stitching' the bag together and providing extra support. Fits 15" laptop.

Colour - redblack and nude:

We are exploring a new philosophy in mark making, the dye is applied with long gestural strokes.  Our special finish this year has a black shower to down to cool the red at the bottom of the bag.This new approach creates a graphic minimalist feel.

16" x 11" x 5"
adjustable strap from 34"-55"
interior pocket 5" x 6.5"

All of our bags are signed and numbered, and all fiveleft leather goods are made in our Vancouver, BC studio.

Thank you for supporting independent business!


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