CLUTCH WORKSHOP June 8th, (morning 10:00-2:00)

We set up this workshop as a choose your own adventure! The basic form and shape are set but the fun details are open to your creative development. Choose your base colour and we will have it dyed (or undyed) when you arrive. During this three hour workshop, you will have the chance to design the assembly, tooling, and the closure of your bag. If you are creative, and good with your hands this will be a great way to utilize some Fiveleft techniques to create your own clutch. Like everything we make, your bag will be made from vegetable tanned leather.

There is only room for 2 people in this timeslot, so don't hesitate!

Please request your colour choice in the 'notes' section upon checkout.

Hand dyed black, Red, Dark Brown, or Undyed Nude.

Please contact us if you have any questions

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