edition one risingwallet

For the minimalist: a simple semicircle cut-out allows you to easily push your cards and/or cash money up for easy access with our new RisingWallet. Don't be fooled by its sleek appearance though, this wallet will stretch to accommodate multiple cards if you want it to!

About our Edition ONE colours:

BLACK is usually just black at FIVELEFT, but not this time! There is a wash of red hidden under the black. The tone is different for each piece, and sometimes barely visible. But have no fear, daily use will bring out the fire!

GOLDFISH is a special shop mix! Not too red, not too brown, not too orange, but right on trend. It's a great accent colour, but also can be used as a neutral. One thing is for sure, it'll never be replicated!

DARKBROWN is another one of a kind shop mix. Hints of red and blue make this brown super rich and lux. This brown is the perfect for every season, every fashion, but always a standout.


All FIVELEFT leather goods are made in our Vancouver, BC studio.

Thank you for supporting independent business!


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